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Show and Sport offers a number of products to keep your feline friend in tip-top shape. All of the products are natural and do not contain trans-fats, artificial preservatives, artificial color or fillers. If you would like to see a product added to our website please feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

jungle kitty 

Jungle Kitty Young at Heart from ReNature (Animal Naturals)

The first feline product that produces benefits you can actually see! Notice a visible difference in any cat especially geriatric or debilitated ones. Coat is glossy, muscles return to proper tone and stool volume is reduced.

 9.6 oz can approximately 60 servings

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organic kelp 


Kelp is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals including essential trace elements for balanced growth, health and reproduction.

Kelp will benefit your cat by:

    • Restoring their natural pigmentation
    • Bringing out the vibrancy in their coat color
    • Replenishing moisture in their skin to prevent flaking
    • Reducing excessive shedding
    • Increasing circulation
    • Alleviating arthritis pain and reducing joint inflammation
    • Supporting its immune system to fight off disease and allergies
    • Aiding with digestion and increasing metabolism
    • Maintaining their thyroid to keep them at a healthy weight
    • Increasing their stamina and endurance

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