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CN equine

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Cellular Nutrition for Animals - Canine, Equine, Feline

Cellular Nutrition is a breakthrough product important in allowing animals to heal as rapidly as possible from injury or disease, or to function at peak performance longer and recover from overexertion. CN creates surplus cellular power giving the cell surplus energy, more energy than it has ever had before. When that energy is added to a sound diet, the cell can utilize the raw materials at its disposal optimally.  The most important concept regarding animal healing and recovery from extreme exertion (aka stamina) is that unless a cell has excess power with which to do the significant work of healing and repair, its normal energy will be used up just in metabolism.

Minimal ingredients, no meat protein, low dosage, rapid, noticeable results!

CN users report the following results:
Quick recovery from, injuries, exertion, stress, or exposure to toxins
Improvement in mental clarity
Benefits animals with arthritis
Improves coat texture, shine, condition and overall health
Prevents tying up
Improves hoof condition
and much more....

Canine, Equine and Feline �products� contain identical alpha polysaccharide peptides in powder form. The only differences in the Equine, Canine and Feline products are the label with different dosages and the package weight.

Equine 2 Lbs (900 gram) foil package 90 - 10g (2 tsp) servings
Canine 1 Lb (450 gram) foil package 225 - 2g (1/4 tsp) servings Serving is 2g per 20 lbs. of weight
Feline (coming soon use Canine) 150 gram foil package 75 - 2g (1/4 tsp) servings

*CN is classified as a food, it is not a supplement or a drug and does not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. All sizes ship free to continental United States


go horse sports drink

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GoHorse Sports Drink

Created for the horse racing industry and only recently made available to the public. GO HORSE gives your horse the competitive edge naturally. Human grade, drug free, state of the art GO HORSE increases equine performance, recovery and safety to new levels. Go-Horse improves performance by speeding recovery, fighting fatigue, replacing lost electrolytes, re-hydrating tissue for all types of performance events or training.

Available in 8.5 and 50 lb containers.

50 lb ships free to continental United States

equine show and go

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Equine Show and Go Master Supplement

Horse nutrition is finally out of the stone age! All natural, 100% human grade, pharmaceutical quality SHOW & GO produces fast, noticeable results. SHOW & GO creates the anabolic environment that enhances lean muscle growth, while decreasing body fat. SHOW & GO�s powerful nutrients are converted into functional muscle, not fat. SHOW & GO boosts immunity, reduces anxiety, boosts confidence, promotes show winning mood and focus. During workouts and competition SHOW & GO protects lean muscle and connective tissue, reduces swelling and pain; lessens soreness, promotes healing & prevents injury, lowers toxic stress hormones so horses feel better and perform better. Especially beneficial against traveling stress and sickness. Show & Go enables horses to utilize feed in a more efficient manner thus reducing feed costs. No additional coat enhancers are necessary.

Available in 10 & 26 lb containers and 50 lb bag. 

All sizes ship free to continental United States




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