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canine body building
steadfast canine  Steadfast is a patent-pending joint health product specifically designed for dogs to support and maintain healthy cartilage, bones, tendons and ligaments. STEADFAST CANINE Small Breed provides relief from occasional discomfort associated with normal activity and aging, and to support normal mobility. Featuring the exclusive ingredients NEM and TlaFIRM, STEADFAST CANINE Small Breed and Large Breed are available in convenient and easy-to-use chewable tablets.

For the full line of Arenus canine products see their website http://www.arenus.com/s-4-dogs.aspx

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hard dog animal naturals  K9 Hard Dog from ReNature (Animal Naturals)

Need to build lean muscle without weight gain? K9 Hard Dog is a great alternative to K9 SuperFuel. Gluten free, no added carbs, made with 100% American protein sources. The key to performance is protecting lean muscle while burning fat, resulting in a hard, lean body. Zero carb HARD DOG helps achieve this exclusive goal. HARD DOG is meant to be an easily digestible, low residue additive to rapidly form stomach and colon. Dogs get hidden carbs from commercial dog food, even grain-free!

1 lb can approximately 30 servings
4 lb jar approximately 120 servings

Feed 1 scoop per 25 lbs of body weight by mixing in food or with water to create a tasty gruel.

Ingredients: Cooked chicken, Cooked pork, Total milk protein, Egg whites, Whey hydrolysates, Egg white hydrolysates, Creatine monohydrate, L-Leucine, Lutein, Coconut oil.

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super fuel animal naturals 

K9 SuperFuel from ReNature (Animal Naturals) is not just for athletes. K9 SuperFuel boosts performance, immunity and improves looks, increases muscle power, fights fatigue & neutralizes lactic acid. Great for agility, Frizbee, obedience, tracking, search and rescue, police, Schutzhund, fly-ball, ring sport, tracking, herding and hiking. Don't need the extra energy? Try Show Stopper.

 1 lb (499 g) 17 Servings
 4 lbs (1,939 g) 75 Servings
 8 lbs (3,629 g) 139 Servings
 15 lb Pail (6,810 g) 261 Servings
 32 lb Box (14,515 g) 588 Servings

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go dog animal naturals
Go Dog from ReNature (Animal Naturals) enables your dog to recover quickly by reduce core temperature to prevent tying up.  Delicious, instantly mixing GO DOG makes workouts more productive, fun and safe and encourages water consumption. Great for dogs who don't drink at shows and dog sport events.

1.25 lb jug - 28 servings - Includes 1 free sports bottle

GoDog single serving packets - Convenient size for traveling, easily store several in the sports bottle. Empty one packet into the sports bottle, add water and GO! Seasonal item, may not be available during winter months.

Bakers dozen - 12 GoDog Singles plus one free packet and free sports bottle.

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lean dog animal naturals

Lean Dog from ReNature (Animal Naturals)

Now an advanced canine weight control supplement to reset your dog's body back to a healthy weight. Keeps your family companions, performance and show dogs in tip top shape.

  • Curbs Hunger
  • Promotes Fat Burning
  • Protects Muscles
  • Fights Inflammation
  • Rejuvenates Joints
  • Antioxidants plus Omega-3's
  • Human Grade Ingredients

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healthy weight gainer animal naturals


Healthy Weight Gainer from ReNature (Animal Naturals)

For 20 years Animal Naturals was requested to do a true weight gainer for dogs, here it is. This formula is designed to accomplish two goals. First, promote feeding response and appetite, even in stressed dogs. Second, help convert highly digestible calories into healthy weight. Its high density, low-residue calories are customized for dogs attempting to add solid weight. Perfect for show, traveling and other stressed dogs. Highly palatable, sprinkle on regular meals to encourage feeding.

1 lb fiber can contains approximately 60 servings
4 lb jug contains approximately 240 servings

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canine CN

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equine cn

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Cellular Nutrition for Animals - Canine, Equine, Feline

CN is a breakthrough product important in allowing animals to heal as rapidly as possible from injury or disease, or to function at peak performance longer and recover from overexertion. CN creates surplus cellular power giving the cell surplus energy, more energy than it has ever had before. When that energy is added to a sound diet, the cell can utilize the raw materials at its disposal optimally.  The most important concept regarding animal healing and recovery from extreme exertion (aka stamina) is that unless a cell has excess power with which to do the significant work of healing and repair, its normal energy will be used up just in metabolism.

Minimal ingredients, no meat protein, low dosage, rapid, noticeable results!

CN users report the following results:
Quick recovery from, injuries, exertion, stress, or exposure to toxins
Improvement in mental clarity
Benefits pets with arthritis
Improves coat texture, shine, condition and overall health
Prevents tying up in horses
Improves hoof condition
and much more....

Canine, Equine and Feline products contain identical alpha polysaccharide peptides in powder form. The only differences in the Equine, Canine and Feline products are the label with different dosages and the package weight.

Equine 2 Lbs (900 gram) foil package 90 - 10g (2 tsp) servings
Canine 1 Lb (450 gram) foil package 225 - 2g (1/4 tsp) servings Serving is 2g per 20 lbs. of weight
Feline (coming soon use Canine) 150 gram foil package 75 - 2g (1/4 tsp) servings

*CN is classified as a food, it is not a supplement or a drug and does not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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