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Young at Heart   ~   Puppy Gold   from ReNature (Animal Naturals)

young at heart animal naturals

Manufactured by:
 Animal Naturals, LLC

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Young at Heart is a truly remarkable agent in turning back the clock with proven anti-aging ingredients. The older the dog the more impressive the turnaround with notable, rapid and stunning result. Turn back the canine clock with ingredients that combat muscle wasting, enhance digestion and absorption, support joints, mental health and eye and heart health Combat Muscle Wasting & Supports Joints fights muscle loss associated with aging. Reversing muscle loss boosts metabolism, strengthens joints and resistance.

Enhance Digestion & Absorption -Employs advanced partially digested calories used in elite medical and sports foods which can reduce stomach distress in older animals.

Maintain Hydration - Dehydration is a major concern with geriatric canine. Young at Heart helps hydrate older canine bodies, optimizing cellular water balance and creating favorable metabolism.

Available in the following sizes:
1 lb can approximately 17 servings UPC 58621000332
4 lb containers approximately 67 servings UPC 58621000295
7 lb bags approximately 117 servings UPC 58621000493
30 lb kennel pack approximately 528 servings UPC 58621000561 (heavy duty bagged and boxed drop shipped from the manufacturer)

Young at Heart is easy to feed by sprinkling on the meal or mixing with warm water.  Shelf life is at least 12 months when stored properly and Young at Heart does not require refrigeration. 

                      puppy gold animal naturals

Manufactured by:
 Animal Naturals, LLC
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Getting a head start for healthy, robust puppies begins with conception. The same nutrients that help puppies after birth also enables them grow inside the womb. Feeding PuppyGold to mothers helps produce healthier, more robust puppies and a stronger mom. Mothers look great during pregnancy, throughout nursing and snap back fast after weaning. Puppies grow healthiest and best on mother's milk and Puppy Gold provides puppies that ultimate head start by duplicating mother�s milk. This tasty powder boosts immune functions, promotes stronger joints and lean growth, shiny coats and supple skin. Science has decoded the immunity and growth secrets in canine milk to reveal over 1,000 bioactive properties. With this science PuppyGold helps produce not just healthier puppies, but healthier, longer living adults. Zero trans fats, lactose, artificial color, flavoring or fillers.

NOT JUST FOR PUPPIES! Great for rehabilitating rescue dogs and dogs that have difficulty maintaining weight.

Available in the following sizes:
1 lb approximately 17 servings UPC 58621000219
4 lb approximately 67 servings UPC 58621000158
7 lb bag approximately 117 servings UPC 58621000189
15 lb bag and approximately 358 servings UPC 58621000387
30 lb kennel packs approximately 504 servings UPC 58621000172 (heavy duty bagged and boxed)
ask about our breeder program.

Prepare enough formula for use within 24-48 hours. Always store unused prepared formula in refrigerator. Begin with boiled or bottled filtered water that has been allowed to cool to room temperature (70F). To make one pint of formula, mix 1� cups of warm water in a pint container/bottle. Add 2 scoops PUPPY GOLD powder. Mix/Shake until smooth.

Puppies should be weaned (removed from nursing) when they are about 25 days old. Mix 1 scoop of PUPPY GOLD powder with every 1 cup of dog food. Add warm water (not to exceed 70F) as needed to produce a thick, soupy mixture.

Mix 1 scoop PUPPY GOLD with each cup of dog food. Feed dry, or with water, or ad lib. Feed until 4-6 months old.

PUPPY GOLD supplies nutrients to help puppies grow inside mothers, and provide milk. Sparing the mother's own muscle and bone mass helps moms quickly snap back to full health and vigor.

Provide one scoop PUPPY GOLD for every 10 lbs of body weight into daily food supply and continue one month (4 weeks) after weaning. For females begin at start of conception and continue for two weeks after weaning.

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